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The Lights Are Off at 3 A.M. Pt. II

A breath of wind whispers through the window,
A generator hums in the distance.
The dogs debate on politics, and
The frogs sing of salvation.
An occasional drop falls harder than the rest,
A ponderous snore interrupts the others.
The lone light stands vigil in the darkness,
The pen makes its mark on the paper.

And for a moment,
There is a silence.
The chair swivels.
Two eyes peer into a void,
And are met with the silence,
Of the dark, starless night.
Few weary blinks.
A sleepy sigh.
The chair swivels back.

The lone light stands vigil in the darkness,
The pen makes its mark on the paper.

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Waiting for a Kangaroo

I know we haven’t talked lately
And I know you’re mad at me.
I did back out on you,
when you needed me most,
And I haven’t been giving you what’s due.
Running and running and running
Behind jobs,
Like a dog chasing cars.
Somewhere along the way,
I just forgot to

You do remember how it was before all this,
don’t you?
Like That night when we sneaked onto that terrace, and
I stood at the edge marveling at the tiny pinpricks of light
That stood for every beating heart in the city
While you stayed glued to the floor,
Nodding with reluctant enthusiasm.
You never were good with heights.
How did you manage it, then?
And how we signed each other’s permission slips,
For we were our own Guardians,
You and Me, against the world.
How you would go on and on,
About snow, and dragons, and New York,
And stars, and diaries, and Spiderman, and
All I would do, is

I was wrong.
To turn away,
To be afraid,
Afraid to understand.
You see,
We promised to never drift apart,
And went ahead and did so anyway.
I filled this you-shaped hole you left in my ship
with things that don’t matter
and things that make me feel that way.
I watched,
As you drifted away on your raft until all I could do,
As you screamed for help, was

I want to see you.
So I can shove that list in your face,
And drag you out of here into the wild, wild world.
We’ll write papers, and wrestle bulls,
And plan elaborate heists
after hours of studying GTAV,
And fight about peanut butter and Nutella all day,
And sit under the stars, mapping constellations,
(Though Orion is the only one we know.)
You’d made this list yourself, remember ?
“One day, I’m gonna come crashing through your window
And kidnap you from your mundane life, just you wait.
And then it’ll be just You and Me,
Riding our kangaroos into the sunset.”
You always did warn me,
Of how this life would consume
Every little good thing about me.
Maybe I should’ve just,

I know now.
I understand now.
You didn’t need someone to understand,
You didn’t need someone to know what it felt like,
Just someone to hold you
And tell you it’s going to be alright.
To tell you it’s not the end,
Of you, of your life, of the world, of us,
To tell you to trust your warrior of light, your patronus, your shield and your sword,
To tell you that the world would be a meaningless sphere of dirt without you gracing it,
To tell you,
that it’s okay,
that you’re not alone anymore.
I failed in these endeavors,
And I failed to

You’re going to be alright.
I know you can do it.
You have to do it.
They said no one survives that kind of a fall,
But you can, right?
Of course you can.
They tell me that it’s going to be hard to accept,
That it will take time,
But I’m done waiting.
These people here? They’re done waiting.
Your mom keeps looking at the albums,
Trying in vain to erase the image of your disfigured face.
Your dad sits at the dining table,
Making airplane noises in efforts to feed a chair.
And I just sit in my cubicle all day,
Waiting for a kangaroo.
The room stinks,
Of words unsaid,
And no one left, to


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The Lights Are Off at 3 A.M.

Darkness surrounds the city,
And stillness drapes over them all,
Silence, save the chirping of crickets,
And the hum of deep, deep slumber.
The clouds awake to converse,
With its old friend, the Earth
Unaware of a single soul,
Eavesdropping on its verses.

And for a moment,
At the edge of today and tomorrow,
There is no evidence of this conversation,
No lights to illuminate the carriers
Of sorrow and of joy,
No petrichor to signal,
The reciprocation of the same.
Only the sound of drops melting stones,
And the howling wind cracking bones.

Arnesh K

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The Theory of Waking Up

 4:30 AM

The cynical ringing of bells fills the dark room, now partly illuminated by a tiny rectangular patch of white. A battlefield strewn with open notebooks, four seperate mountains of books and motionless carcasses of pens comes into view. The loud snores break their rhythm to listen to the intrusion, only to be on their way a second later, unfazed. Having nowhere to go, the sinister sounds enter my slumber, demanding to be heard.
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A Lion’s Pride

All rise for The King,
The Tall and Strong,
The Just and Wise,
The Honorable, honorable Aslan.
His long and silky mane,
His Herculean strides,
Have filled our hearts,
correction, his heart
With lots and lots of pride.

It’s true what they say about me,
I truly AM invincible.
Neither winds nor water,
Nor stones nor trees,
Can break me enough,
To bow on one knee.
At my command the moon
Changes its face everyday
And it is by my will
The stars come out to play.

Listen, ye worthy subjects!
Listen to my pride roar!
For it was this roar that drove away
The evils from this kingdom,
And brought peace and tranquility
To the safety of your homes.

The mighty mountains melt
At the sound of my arrival,
The earth gibbers and trembles,
Every time I grumble
Hear me, Lord Almighty!
Hear me, and beware!
For should this roar reach your ears,
It would leave your bones dry and bare.

From the heavens, The Almighty spoke,
Aslan the Great! You must not forget,
That though you are powerful,
And Though you are successful,
Cross me twice, and you will see,
Things that are given,
Can also be seized.

Seized?! Who will do this seizing?
Which beast or beauty,
Of your creation,
Can match the valour,
Of my noble nation!
Or will YOU come down,
my lord,
And prove to me
That I’m your equal,
If not your superior.

SILENCE, A voice boomed.
The Earth rattled,
The mountains shook,
Thunder bellowed through the clouds.
The wind played through,
The bones of the Dead.

A sudden chill came over The King,
One like he’d never known.
His eyes wide open,
Mouth agape in fear,
His limbs were no longer his own.

For he had seen every king’s nightmare,
The destruction of all he held dear.
The Earth split open to consume his subjects,
And when the Oceans were done with his cities,
The screams,
Were all that remained.

Time had done The Almighty’s bidding
And Time had consumed it all,
And she did not care to leave,
The Proud Lion’s Roar.

For the devil didn’t make pride,
Oh no,
Pride made the devil.