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The Warrior of Light

He sat in the darkness that all his life he’d known,
‘Twas in this darkness that his mind had flown

For years he awaited an end to his grief,
Numb he’d become, to the absence of relief

He no longer felt the cold biting into his skin
He no longer felt the pain tearing him from within.

No longer could he feel the tears on his face,
Biding his time, staring into empty space

Until now

Now, he felt a warmth he’d never known before
Now,all at once, he could live
Now, he felt the tears, sadness and pain ebb away
Now,all of a sudden, he was not alone.

For the space his eyes had often searched,
Was no longer a void of darkness
And in those moments of salvation,
He knew his heart could beat again.

He’d laid his eyes on nothing more tranquil,
More peaceful nor serene as she
A smile that could light up the world
A lifeboat of light in an ocean of darkness.

He stood still, his eyes wide open
Like an atheist in front of god

She was The Angel
The Warrior of light
his savior, his liberator
His Knight in shining armor.



Note: Notice how before ‘Until Now’ the poem followed a rhyme scheme, but afterwards it became free-verse? I did that to signify the fact that before ‘her’ arrival, he suffered a dull and monotonous existence; whereas after ‘her’ arrival, he was… freed 🙂


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