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A Lion’s Pride

All rise for The King,
The Tall and Strong,
The Just and Wise,
The Honorable, honorable Aslan.
His long and silky mane,
His Herculean strides,
Have filled our hearts,
correction, his heart
With lots and lots of pride.

It’s true what they say about me,
I truly AM invincible.
Neither winds nor water,
Nor stones nor trees,
Can break me enough,
To bow on one knee.
At my command the moon
Changes its face everyday
And it is by my will
The stars come out to play.

Listen, ye worthy subjects!
Listen to my pride roar!
For it was this roar that drove away
The evils from this kingdom,
And brought peace and tranquility
To the safety of your homes.

The mighty mountains melt
At the sound of my arrival,
The earth gibbers and trembles,
Every time I grumble
Hear me, Lord Almighty!
Hear me, and beware!
For should this roar reach your ears,
It would leave your bones dry and bare.

From the heavens, The Almighty spoke,
Aslan the Great! You must not forget,
That though you are powerful,
And Though you are successful,
Cross me twice, and you will see,
Things that are given,
Can also be seized.

Seized?! Who will do this seizing?
Which beast or beauty,
Of your creation,
Can match the valour,
Of my noble nation!
Or will YOU come down,
my lord,
And prove to me
That I’m your equal,
If not your superior.

SILENCE, A voice boomed.
The Earth rattled,
The mountains shook,
Thunder bellowed through the clouds.
The wind played through,
The bones of the Dead.

A sudden chill came over The King,
One like he’d never known.
His eyes wide open,
Mouth agape in fear,
His limbs were no longer his own.

For he had seen every king’s nightmare,
The destruction of all he held dear.
The Earth split open to consume his subjects,
And when the Oceans were done with his cities,
The screams,
Were all that remained.

Time had done The Almighty’s bidding
And Time had consumed it all,
And she did not care to leave,
The Proud Lion’s Roar.

For the devil didn’t make pride,
Oh no,
Pride made the devil.